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University of Connecticut Assistive Technology Oral History Project

Ted Hasselbring

Date: April 22, 2010

Professor Hasselbring started out doing data analysis for Mel Semmel, Director of the Center for Innovation Teaching the Handicapped at the University of Indiana. Mel turned out to be a great mentor for Ted and got him involved in the use of technology.

Experience as a special education teacher, the development of Aimstar, his first computer and the first program he wrote, exciting "firsts" at conferences and the formation of TAM with friends are all descried in the snippets.

When Apple recognized his work and offered support, Ted was able to use their Mac IIs for development of research with students and adults.

You'll hear about Ted & Laura Goin's FASTT Match which is being used in thousands of classrooms across the USA, and the reading intervention program, Read 180, which continues to be researched thanks to 3 rounds of OSEP funding –about a million kids a day get on that program in every state.

Most recently professor Hasselbring is captivated by the iPad. He feels it is a real game changer!

He says he has one foot in retirement, but my guess is it will be quite a long time before he "officially" retires.    

Snippet 1: "Tell us about your entrance into the disability field."

Snippet 2: "Tell us about your very first computer."

Snippet 3: "So are you about to retire?"


Download: Full Transcript