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University of Connecticut Assistive Technology Oral History Project

Jane Lee

Date: March 22-27, 2010

As you'll see in Jane's snippets, she has had quite a career in special education. She relates how she got into the field as a special education teacher, and worked in the Georgia Department of education where she got into technology, as well as in the area of non-discrimination, then becoming the technology director for the Georgia Department of Education.

She was noticed by Apple and moved to the Atlanta office in sales, then meeting Dr. Alan Brightman who offered her the job of running the Apple special education program. She turned him down when he first offered the position. Shortly thereafter she decided that turning down the position was a big mistake, but by then the job had been offered to Dr. Ted Hasselbring. You'll have to check the second snippet to hear the rest of that story.

Jane had quite an extensive career at Apple, spending a lot of her time helping to strengthen the Alliance for Technology Access, and now she is off in another new direction, spending time teaching classes to screenwriters.

Snippet 1: "Tell us how you became an Apple Employee."

Snippet 2: "How did you become involved in field of disabilities?"

Download: Full Transcript