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University of Connecticut Assistive Technology Oral History Project

Gail Van Tatenhove

Gail says she accidently slid into the field of disabilities. She was very fortunate in terms of her undergraduate work, having several courses in college on AAC  -- very unusual in the mid 1970s. She also had unusually good professors and mentors.

Working with youngsters with severe and profound disabilities in Iowa for several years, she found the speech language field to be very supportive and marked by camaraderie among her colleagues.

When her site was chosen to be in a study directed by Dr. Sarah Blackstone, Gail was thrust onto the national stage and met Bruce Baker and Barry Romich. This all led to what she has done since 1988, consulting and working with Semantic Compaction and the Prentke Romich Company, while she has her private practice on the side. As she says, "I get the best of both worlds."

Snippet 1: "How did you get into the field of disabilities?"


Snippet 2: "How did you get involved with Minspeak and Barry Romich and Bruce Baker?"

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