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University of Connecticut Assistive Technology Oral History Project

Elliot Pludwinski

President - Judy Lynn Software, Inc.

Date: October 18, 2007

Snippet 1: "Tell us why and how you became a software publisher" (2:28)

Download: Full Transcript

Elliot's journey in the field of assistive technology began in the early '90's when he needed to meet the needs of his three-year-old daughter, Judy Lynn, diagnosed with microcephaly.

Needing to find something to motivate her, he wrote one simple program, using a switch instead of a keyboard, and then worked with a friend from Bell Labs to adapt it to the IBM computer. Happy to get out of the hardware business when commercially made adapters replaced his, he continued creating cause and effect type software.

Elliot talks about how Judy Lynn Software developed throughout this country and the world, with distributors everywhere. He gives credit to the presenters, teachers, and therapists along the way who were supportive and who spread the word about the effectiveness of his software. Finally, his joy in Judy Lynn, now a happy 19 year old, is obvious as he finishes this interview with, "I can't picture life without her."