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University of Connecticut Assistive Technology Oral History Project

CEO Gary Moulton, Ph.D.

Product Manager - Microsoft

Date: March 15, 2008

Snippet 1: "How did you get started in assistive technology?" (7:08)

Snippet 2: "Tell us about the early accessibility work at Microsoft" (7:07)

Download: Full Transcript

Gary relates the story of his background as an English major, army experience through ROTC, his first involvement with equipment when he was a Battalion Maintenance Officer, and the statement to his commander that he "wanted to work with children that have problems."

Enrolling in the school psychology program at USC about 1975, he became interested in computer technology while running IBM punch cards, wondering if there was a connection between helping children with problems and computers. His fascination with Structure of the Intellect and applications to special education students led to experimentation with design of software programs, which became "My Nautilus."

The interesting revelations of Closing the Gap, the Hagens, calling Allan Brightman, beginning at Apple in the mid 80's, and his work with fielding questions on the Special Net Board are discussed. Needing to learn as much about the field as possible, he attended AT conferences and talks about the quick evolution of technology and the phenomenal things being done to meet the needs of children and adults. Welcoming new challenges, he moved on to Microsoft and discusses Bill Gates and their evolution into the accessibility area, Windows Vista, and working with AT companies.